Posts made in May, 2016

Being a musician, a writer, a painter, an artist – hell, being a PERSON – has its ups and downs. This I can attest to. Life is a rollercoaster of The Good, The Bad, and the WTF?… This is Life as I know it. Oh well…It is this Life, the Life I’ve lived, the things I’ve seen and done, dreamed and chased, worried about and feared, failed and succeeded, taken pride or shame in – all these are the basic building blocks of not only who...

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New Strings (and a guest)

Posted on May 23, 2016

I bought new strings today. Sounds pretty boring, right? Normally I would agree with you, but today was different. Today, I bought strings for my guitars with the proceeds from my music sales. Still not impressed? I am. I am able to buy something from selling my music. THAT is f***ing HUGE for me! I know, it’s just strings, but that is a major part of a guitar! Without the strings, a guitar can’t be played (well,...

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So, I’m a musician (obviously). And that’s just great. Really! I love it, I love playing music, writing music, production, even listening to music really gets me jazzed (get it?). But, what about the other stuff?Sure, I write one (crappy) novel a year, and I love writing – I think I do better at reading books than I do writing them, though. But… What about the dreaded Day Job? Does anyone really care?  I do, but that’s because I have...

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Small Town Musicians & A Tortie

Posted on May 17, 2016

I live in a small town. Seriously. It makes South Park look like a thriving metropolis of doom!In my town, we’re in the mountains, and about 45 minutes drive away from anywhere else. Sure, the views are nice, the air is clean, and it’s impossible to get a burrito after 9 pm… The venues for music are surprisingly plentiful, but they all have their niche. One place loves jazz, and sometimes blue-grass. Another, all about the usual...

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What is Disjointed Folk?

Posted on May 13, 2016

  Disjointed Folk…    Just kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?    Nope. Not really.     So, what is Disjointed Folk?    Short answer: That’s my genre.    Long answer: ….        Well, the long answer is that Disjointed Folk is how I describe not only the music & lyrics I write, but the stories that go with them, the characters that they involve, and – to a certain point – my point of view of all of...

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