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Posted on Jun 2, 2016

David The PageStrange Musician, Marketeer of The Little Guy, & E’lir of The University. Experience & Credentials 1984 – Manifested in Flesh Form. 1994 – Began playing the guitar. 1996 – Formed first band, E Point O. 1997 – Forewent Bar Mitzva to instead begin studies at the College Heights Library in San Diego, and go to Pearl Jam Concert. 2000 – Began school at Idyllwild Arts Academy. 2002 – Graduated High School by the...

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So, as I’ve said before, I do a lot of research on the things I love, feel passionate about, want to be successful at, need to know for work stuffs.I have read a lot of blogs and articles on how to be a successful musician, having a good website & blog, social media, you know – the whole shebang. I try and implement as much as I can ~ but with a twist. There are some things I disagree with. I am not going to go to other...

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