Being A Nerd & The Ideal Rock Star Life

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So, let’s get this out of the way… I’m kind of a nerd.

I research everything that even vaguely interests me; guitars, amps, effects, authors, movies, mics, and even the cables I use for my instruments. So, in the spirit of research, I looked up different topics to blog about. One of them said to write about “the ideal rock star life you want to live!” Yippee skippee… I’m sure a ton of people want to hear about how someone like me wants a huge pad that would put the Wayne Manor to shame, a lot of cars that are far too expensive to drive, or a lot of random expensive possessions that I shamelessly flaunt with my group of “friends” while on a world tour that costs more than the national budget.




You want to know what my ideal rock star life looks like? You might be surprised…


My ideal life is actually pretty quiet. I want to live somewhere close to water – a lake or an ocean. I want time to lay in a hammock and read, time to pet my dogs and cats (of which there will be many, of course), and the freedom to not worry about any bloody day job, and instead focus on my passions: music, writing, reading, learning, teaching, helping people, food – both cooking and eating.

The ideal town/city would be small enough to hang out at the coffee shop where everyone knows my drink, but big enough so I could go there and read a book by myself and not have to talk to anyone if I didn’t feel like it. Also, have burritos/nachos, Thai food, Indian food, and sushi close by and open all hours would be great… Independent bookstores and music stores that I could support with my purchases for myself and gifts for friends… A farmer’s market with yummy food and supplies. Geographically, someplace not sweltering hot (I’ve already lived in Phoenix… Twice…), and not cold enough to snow – although a fire on a snow day, a lot of food, funny movies, animals, and my lady (excuse me, partner) are a beautiful thing – but I’m sick of the snow…

I want a house that is big enough to offer the people I consider family a place to stay. Maybe not a house, but something like a villa or a hotel. A place that is comfortable for me, but also for the people that I care about. I would love to have a room that is soundproofed and functional as a home studio. Sure, give me lots of instruments, amps, effects, cables, and a fast and amazingly well-behaved computer to record with.

I want the ways and means to offer help to people. If I have a friend that wants to go back to school – boom, school. If there are people that would get help by taking care of animals, come help me with mine – I’ll have plenty of them! If some aspiring artist sends me something and I see the talent & passion in them – come record at my studio & let’s see how we can get your music out there! Someone needs a good book recommendation, here I am – The Page at the ready!

There has to be a garden, my lady loves gardening, and I love to enjoy the fruits (and veggies) that come from it. We’ll have chickens, we already do, but we’ll have even more! I have to say, there’s nothing quite like the eggs we get from those girls!

One thing that I miss having in cities is a place to walk. Sure, I live in the mountains, and there’s a ton of places to hike – but I mean, headphones on, world off, walk. The only real thing I have to focus on then is if the Don’t Walk sign is flashing.

To be perfectly frank, I don’t want to tour. I get tired from playing shows, exhausted right down to my bones and it lasts for days after every show. A part of it is from the work of setting up, tearing down, and ya know, actually playing – but a part of it is the mixture of social anxiety and being an HSP (Google that sh*t if you have to). Let me be clear, I don’t have stage fright. I enjoy being on stage, solo or with a band, and playing tunes. But, the aftermath is somewhere near nuclear devastation. Sure, I want to travel the world and explore all the little places that aren’t well-known (I love little places that aren’t major map sites), I would even love to play in some of those places – and tuck them into my memory so I can write about them later – but doing a full-on tour?…


But, really? Who cares about my ideal life? Aside from me?


I know… I’ll stop writing this blog and get back to music….


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