Brain, Fiverr, And A Small Bit About The Home Recording Thing…

Posted on Mar 2, 2016 | 2 comments

  Oh the joys of recording in a home studio… The strange noises that sneak in – dogs barking, cars going by, planes, chickens (who do the chicken version of barking), and the ever-buzzing cell-phone.

There are some parts that some musicians, like myself, are not adept to. Mastering is a process that I can’t say I have even begun to… Well… Master. So, I talked to some folks in my little town and on-line, looked for advice wherever I could. I ended up with an idea from a blog: Fiverr.

I had an idea at first to have the album mastered by eleven different people (you know, one for each track), but that came to an end shortly. Finding people was easy, finding someone who I could trust with my ideas and input without feeling like I was left out of the loop on a very important part of the process was hard. Harder than I expected.

I combed through so many different candidates on – someone to not only master my music, but who might (dare I say) enjoy it. I messaged a few people, even got a few replies, but one stuck out from the rest. Brian.

He didn’t just respond with a simple, “just buy it and we’ll work out the details later” like so many others did. He was patient, polite, and damn funny! In an internet kind of way we shook hands and the job was his. Over the course of about a week, we messaged back and forth about this detail and that, jokes, jibes, jabs, and kudos. He sent me work in progress, last minute ideas, and went with every out-there description I sent his way. I would shoot him thoughts on this song, or that instrumental and BOOM, never much time later, there was a new message from Brian at Fiverr. He sent me thoughts on this piece, and I would honestly consider them because he listened to the tracks! How do I know? Let’s just say, the Devil’s in the details. I didn’t hesitate to message him about anything I was concerned about, and he would write back with answers galore, thoughts, questions, and jokes. And Zoidberg, we both sent a lot of Zoidberg.

Brian brought gave my music some breath, and some breadth. No bread, though. He kept the bread for himself, gluten hording SOB he is… But, he did a fine job, in my opinion. I think it’s cool that I can go online and find someone who will do this kind of thing! And do it well, too! Needless to say, I’ll be talking to Brian again soon, more music coming out, and more ideas getting set to tape (digital tape, I mean…).

I have to say, thanks Brian! B-Ri. B-Rooney. Drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was Bri…. Thank you. You helped me not only complete the finishing part of this album (my first!), but also helped me to feel a bit more confident about it.


 (For those who are wondering – BrianFiverrMusic is the guy’s handle)


  On the next post…

Who are these people I sing about? 
And do I really know a Captain of a ship that is truly that terrible? 


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