New Strings (and a guest)

Posted on May 23, 2016 | 0 comments

I bought new strings today.


Sounds pretty boring, right? Normally I would agree with you, but today was different.


Today, I bought strings for my guitars with the proceeds from my music sales.


Still not impressed? I am.


I am able to buy something from selling my music. THAT is f***ing HUGE for me! I know, it’s just strings, but that is a major part of a guitar! Without the strings, a guitar can’t be played (well, it could like a drum or something – but, you know what I mean).


I can buy myself strings. When I clicked Purchase (yeah, I bought them online, I like to try out different strings and gauges and such), I was about as giddy as a kid who had been accepted to college! Really! Ask my Lady, I was going on about these damn strings forever!


Now, let me make this clear, I am not saying any of this to make people feel guilty about not purchasing music – be it from me or any other musician – you have free will! If you don’t want to buy something, don’t! I am simply saying that this is a major first step, and I am SO damn happy about it – I think I might do a jig!


Now, let me say this again.


I bought new strings today!


I bought new strings for all of my guitars. All four of them.

 There’s my new Fender Strat that I bought myself for my birthday – all white with a hige headstock, my dream guitar.



 There’s the Martin that my Lady got for me as a Thank You For Existing gift – from the moment I picked this guitar up, it felt like magic to me.


 The Taylor was a gift from the family of my friend Pedro. I probably have as many memories with this guitar as I do with the man who used to play it.


Then, there’s my oldie – a knockoff guitar covered in stickers I bought when I was just a teenager from my local music shop (Anyone in San Diego, go to Moze!). This guitar has been through hell and back with me, and for years it was the only instrument I had.


Then, there’s my banjo. Doesn’t get new strings (yet), but still an awesome instrument.



Still, what makes it greater, I got to buy strings for all of them – and when they get here, I am going to restring and play all of them. Not at once, but probably over the course of a day.


I have stories and memories and different feelings I get when I play any of these guitars – even the Strat (who is the newbie in the bunch). I love my instruments. They give me more than I could ever say.


I got to buy new strings today.


It’s a good day.


And then, there’s my new friend – I call him Rags (short for Ragamuffin). He likes to help me with mixing & mastering, too. He made my day a little better, too. Thanks, Rags, for being a guest in my photos for my blog ~ and photo credits go to my Lady. She also makes my days good days. 


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