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Starting things off is a short piece I wrote not too long ago. It’s called The Count Down. It’s a piece that takes place solely in the mind.

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The Count Down




Some short pieces for me have no beginning, no ending.

They are just snapshots of the life of someone. 

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The Hotel Room





Another snapshot, but this one is very different. 

I enjoyed writing this because it was bare-bones and still

weighed heavily on my mind. 

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Sometimes a story has nowhere to go –

and sometimes they have everywhere to go… 

This one is somewhere in between that. 

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The Denizens




After all my talk about trauma, it figures I would write a fictional piece about it. It started out a lot longer, and with a lot more information about who the narrator is and what happened. And then I decided it was too much. So, I erased it all and started over. This is what’s left. 

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5:27 PM




There are huge moments in history – wars and losses and victories.

Sometimes I wonder where it all started, and who was there. 

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There For That


How many times have we all said, 

“If I knew then what I know now”

I’ll leave it at that… 

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If I Knew Then


Here’s a very, very short piece of science fiction for you…

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Where The Heart Is


This is a piece of non-fiction. 

This is true. 

Just some thoughts on what he told me. 

Rick Told Me


Another snapshot. 

Another character I might delve into one day.

Another problem he faces that we all get a glimpse of. 

Nothing To Say




Before reading this I think you should be warned: I will be talking about things like depression, suicide, death, philosophy, and such. This is not a fun jaunt into a fictional realm, this is the rantings of my mind.

Consider this the sign that says TRIGGER WARNING   

“I know simply that the sky will last longer than I.”




   We all will pass – but what happens after? 

    The Story Of Moe



Sometimes things happen that we can’t explain.

From a prompt from a friend. 

Here & Gone