The Dreaded Day job, Charleston Chew, and Taking Time Away

Posted on May 22, 2016 | 0 comments

So, I’m a musician (obviously). And that’s just great. Really! I love it, I love playing music, writing music, production, even listening to music really gets me jazzed (get it?). But, what about the other stuff?

Sure, I write one (crappy) novel a year, and I love writing – I think I do better at reading books than I do writing them, though.


But… What about the dreaded Day Job?


Does anyone really care?



I do, but that’s because I have to do the job! If I were reading this, it wouldn’t matter all that much to me. So, let’s skip it. But, not entirely.


Sometimes, with other musicians, or artists, or writers, or just people – we start talking about the Day Job versus our Passion, and how to not let the former get in the way of the latter.


For me, sometimes it does. And that sucks. I have to try hard to not only keep my work at work, and my mind on what I love when I am enjoying music – but I have to constantly reset my boundaries! With people I work with/for, customers & clients, bosses, even with myself! I have to stop sometimes and say, “Dude, you’re not at work. Put that shit down, grab your guitar and just play!” Sometimes it is friggin’ hard to do, too. There are times when all my mind has room for is work this and work that – and I can’t remember how to play the chords to Something In The Way by Nirvana. Other times, though, it helps me push through whatever worker’s block or writer’s block I have and I come up with some new ideas!


NEW IDEAS ARE AWESOME! They lead to new songs!

Or, at least a few moments where I don’t have to think about everything else in the world… That’s nice, too… Like having a Charleston Chew…

Mmmmmm….  Charleston Chew….


But, even when it comes to music I need to take step back, get it off my mind, and do something else. Sometimes I have to force myself to take a break from music.  Sometimes I can get so into writing a song, or recording and mixing, or just coming up with sounds that I think are strange and fun, and then… Boom… Fatigue.

I need to just rest, have a bite to eat, spend time with my animals and my lady, just veg out like a madman.


It’s not a bad thing.

I like vegging out.

I’ll bet you were thinking there was a point to all this, weren’t ya?




Just letting you know how some things go.


I want nachos.



Yeah… That’s what I’m talkin’ about… 

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