The Short Version…

Posted on Mar 9, 2016 | 0 comments

The Storyteller’s Impasse… Man, this album took a long time – and then happened quickly. I started working on the album in late 2014 with my friend, Shawn, who gave me great feedback and was an awesome bandmate back in our Pedro & The Pages days. He helped as a friend, arranger, producer, and co-instrumentalist & singer. (HEY, SHAWN! If you want to work on anything while you’re living on the other side of the country, It’d be awesome!) *ahem* anyway… Things happened. Work stuff, personal stuff, life. Life happened. Doesn’t that always seem the way? Well, Shawn moved away and I still had these songs that I wanted to get out…

Eventually, it happened. I got an older mac and upgraded it as much as I could. I found my old microphones (only one of which that is “good” – but, hey, we work with the tools we have), and I set up in the bedroom with my guitars & a recently purchased banjo. I recorded, edited, re-wrote, re-recorded, and so on… I combed through my songs and lyrics and picked the ones that became The Storyteller’s Impasse to be the first to be released.



Oh wait…. That’s actually about it.

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