The Story of The Storyteller’s Impasse (kind of)

Posted on Apr 7, 2016 | 0 comments

The Storyteller’s Impasse started out as a different album. There were songs about personal issues, songs about politics and the fall of heroes. Things were different when the album first went from ideas to songs. But, as life happens, things changed. Where I lived, how I saw life, even my surroundings changed. With that, the songs changed. More songs were written.

Most of the songs started coming to me when I was living in a tiny cabin here in the mountain town that I currently call home. I would sit on my back porch with my guitar and start strumming. I learned very quickly not to do this without setting up a recorder on my phone. I was able to capture thoughts and ideas as soon as they sprang to mind. To be honest, most of the ideas and songs that came to me were trashed; they were songs that left no room to grow, to become. The others, the keepers of the group, I worked on when I could – when they would allow it. A few of these became key songs of The Storyteller’s Impasse: Mr. Tom, Sad Little Shelter, Ode, Killing Time, TX. I held on to other songs and ideas that came along before and since. I narrowed down the songs for this album and I see a future for the songs that haven’t been recorded, or even heard, yet.

I’ve already been asked, “Who is The Storyteller?” There’s a long answer and a short answer. The short answer is this: The Storyteller is that little voice inside your head that makes most of your decisions. The Storyteller is the one who tells you who you are and what you do, it tells you your limits and expectations, that little (read: HUGE) voice in your head that tells you everything that is wrong with you and your life – and keeps you in a place of discontent. The idea of The Storyteller was brought about by a book – that I shall name on a later date…

Until then…


      -David The Page

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