What if all the What-Ifs in life happened?

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I’ve been asked where I get the ideas for my songs and who these people are in them… Let me answer this question with a few questions of my own…


What did Kilgore Trout daydream about?


Who were the other Dread Pirate Roberts?


What if the guys from Alice in Chains got hammered with Tom Waits, Cat Stevens, and James Taylor?


Has anybody ever wondered what it would be like if Don Quixote were a musician?


What if all the What-Ifs in life happened?




I could go on for quite a while.




I could.


In case you can’t tell, a good portion of my inspiration comes from literature. Thus, my name… The Page… I could make a list a mile long of the books that have inspired me, kept me going, added to my dreams, or just been incredible to read. Patrick Rothfus, I’m looking at you, dude.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon, you too!

Daniel Kraus…

Dan Millman…

Julia Cameron…

Tiffanie DeBartolo…

Joe Hill…

Robert Bly…



I mean, sure, life experience comes into play, too. I’ve had quite a life, but this isn’t an autobiography.

Some great movies have gotten my creative streaks going, too (like Snatch, Lucky Number Slevin, Southland Tales, City of Lost Children, Time of the Gypsies).

And, of course, the musicians. There are so many musicians and bands that have excited and inspired me along the way. Far too many to name, but if you want to check out a few…

Sean Rowe

The Mermen

Colin Hay


Ennio Morricone

Joe Gore


Dave Van Ronk

Tom Waits

Temple of the Dog

Ry Cooder



Again, for the books, movies, and music – I could keep going…


But, I think this blog post is done.




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