Where The Heart Is

Home is where the heart is. For some reason people still say that – but, our hearts haven’t been anywhere near us for nigh-on four decades now. It was more than a century ago that Dr. Tyson made that shift from astrophysics to astrophysical – our minds and our bodies are separated mere minutes after being produces. I mean, sure, we can walk and talk and think and move – but what we move is simply a construct designed for us while our bodies themselves are in S.T.E.P. – Stasis Timed for Eventual Parting.  Take me, I have no clue what I look like anymore. The last time I had to be close to them during The Last War. You know, just in case.


          When it first became a thing to do it was either the rich and the vain, or the scientific and insane. Who would’ve dreamed in less than fifty years, no one would use their bodies. Well, not the kind we used to have. Our bodies, as they were, were weak; lungs needed air, mouths needed food and water, hearts needed to pump love – I read about it in my history scan.


          Nowadays life is easier and better. Longer. Home is wherever I exist. If I don’t like it, I transfer to a difference. The only emotions are I LIKE IT – I DON’T LIKE IT. Clear as a field of microns. Black and white simple. All of us have it that way.


          All 712 of us.


          That is all we need.


          When one of us is ready, i.e. don’t like it, we release our S.T.E.P. Then, the piece of Dr. Tyson that remains in S.T.E.P.  – The Decision Ganglion – uses our APDNA to make a new one.


          I like to think we all like it. But, caring is not part of this, either. Oh well.