Instrumentals: The Sound & The Meaning

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I’ve had a few people ask me about the meaning of my instrumentals, what the story is, how they should feel about them, and so on… So, let me speak both as a musician who writes instrumentals, and as a listener who loves instrumentals…


When it comes to movie scores, symphonies, or operas there is usually a story going along with the music. Instrumental music, be it one track, an album, or a full collection, aren’t much different. There is still a story behind what makes the composer/musician and the sounds that they want to make. There might be an overarching theme. There may even be a story behind it all. The major difference is that we, the listeners, have no idea of that is without more input from the musician. We can only guess, assume, or – what I like best – make up our own story to go with it.


I would like to share some of my favorite instrumentals…


Buckethead is one of the artists that I look up to, that I listen to for inspiration, and that just wows me with his sounds. The stories that I make up for his songs have gone on to be short stories I’ve written, characters that have made it into other songs, or just amuse the hell out of me.





And, absolutely amazing live….



Sure, some of my own don’t have stories, they are just musical ideas that tickled my brain. Then there are others – the three instrumentals I have released so far (Ode, Man With P_________ Chasing A H____ Named S____, Lacking Hubris) all do, in fact, have stories to them. But, with more on the way, the titles will become more unusual and the music will tell tales of its own.


So, I’ll leave with a few more instrumentals that I love…


CHEESY VIDEO!!! And, awesome piece of music…


Where would I be without SURF MUSIC! The Ventures were one of my first major influences and musical loves. I still dig them – and torture people by breaking out their tunes at disgusting volumes….


Ennio Morricone…. Genius. 

Last, but certainly not least, is one of my favorite songs ever (this one might surprise you). 

Jeff Beck takes a classic, a beautiful song that originally had words and makes it an instrumental that is haunting and gorgeous. 



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